In the middle of a fantastic coastline of 30 km, where the angles of lost worlds alternate with beaches, in the eastern part of the Gargano, Vieste rises. Historians identify it with the old Apeneste, even if in the area are still visible remains of another famous ancient city, "Merinum. Like all Mediterranean cities, even Vieste was besieged by Turkish pirates. Notable were the attacks by the general Acomatt, which destroyed it in 1477, and the pirate Dragut Rais in 1554.

Today we can say that is the capital of Vieste Gargano, and this thanks to its port, in a few years became the center of commercial activities (fishing and agriculture) and especially tourism. Find accommodation in the port's fishing fleets and pleasure boats and dinghies. In this regard, the intention is to expand as soon as possible, because of pressing demands, the marina. In summer the port of Vieste is filled with tourists heading to Tremiti (about an hour of browsing) or on the coast of Croatia, where they deserve a thorough visit cities such as Split and Dubrovnik, the Dalmatian islands and all, before any Kvar other.


The events which have marked the history of Vieste also marked the curious plan of the city.

The medieval village perched on a rocky promontory is really intriguing, with dozens of narrow streets, charming alleys staircase, white houses built on rock fragments. On top of the village is the castle built by Frederick II usually (now home to the Merchant Marine) and the Cathedral, one of the most significant monuments of Puglia eleventh century.

Inside the church houses a wooden statue of Santa Maria di Merino Vieste in which the faithful are very close.

Walking through the medieval town square where you come in there is the seat, with a sundial building, site of the old town hall, and around the Seat of the Church of San Francesco, a former monastery destroyed several times by the Turks. Do not miss a brief stop in the characteristic square Ripe, which appears in the distance one of the many trebuchets Gargano.

But in Vieste mostly for staying in the summer, when the town is literally overrun with tourists from all over Europe and North Italy.

The walking holiday in Vieste is pretty high, given the extraordinary amount of hotels, campsites, residences scattered along the coast. Nature did the rest: marine erosion has created wonderful caves, which can be visited thanks to the work done by several boats for tourists, and bays of indescribable beauty (San Felice Bay, Camps Bay, Vignanotica). In the north, to Peschici, there are beaches where you can windsurf at least six months a year. The area of "Long Beach", together with that of Salento "Alimini" is the most frequented by fans of Puglia windsurfing ..


VILLA IRENE - Lungomare Mattei nr. 69 - 71019 Vieste (FG)
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